Our work with families

Sporen supports families in complex living circumstances. In partnership with parents, children, adolescents and their extended families, we want to undertake the journey to find ways to enable these children and adolescents to grow up well and safe in their own environment (as much as possible).


All of the families who are supported by Sporen, will get family counseling. Family counseling includes having conversations/working with the family but also with other people who are meaningful to them (extended family members, relatives, friends, teachers,…), and relevant to raising their children.


It is essential to work in collaboration with families, their extended families, colleagues and other partners. A good cooperative and trusting relationship is a first condition to be able to work together.


In addition, these are the main principles of our work:


  • Together with the whole family

  • Together with the extended family

  • A questioning approach

  • Focused on strengths and resources

  • Focused on goals and solutions


Read more about the way we work in our Manual family counseling. Learn the methods and then go further and in this Words and Pictures.



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